On the Road to Academic Excellence

The concept of academic excellence has been with us for as long as education has been considered an important accomplishment by any individual. Anywhere you turn, student achievers are always after the honor of being called an “Academic Excellence Awardee” simply because it gives proof and validation to the effort that has been exerted in delivering nothing but the best when it comes to education. And considering that finishing a degree is anything like exercising on a pull up bar, this is definitely most welcome. Graduating with Latin Honors is nothing short of a marvelous accomplishment regardless of the degree that you graduated from. After all, starting your life as a professional with academic awards trumps not having anything to show for four years of being in school.

The importance of academic excellence is paramount when applying for your first job. At this stage, companies do not have previous work experience from which they can objectively base an assessment of your credentials. Instead, they turn to your grades and your history of excelling in school as proof that you have the drive necessary to be a great employee. A good personality test result married with good grades and a superb interview almost always leads to getting the job for any recent college graduate. In contrast, anybody who does not do as well in college will find themselves at a disadvantage during the job hiring process unless they are merely interviewing as a maintenance man for outdoor garden fountains. Or, they may be the bidding guy at the local auction sites.

So how does one go about being recognized for academic excellence? Consider these eternal pointers that are true today as they have been since the Greek scholars started debating about the value of education.

The grades and other awards ultimately serve as basis for academic excellence but the pre-work that goes into the grades is a product of many countless hours pouring over books, studying for exams and learning through other less formal means. Much like in a coffee machine, you savor the goodness of the coffee in that one cup but the time it takes to grow the coco beans before it becomes coffee spells the ultimate difference between a good cup and a so-so cup of coffee. As a student, consider yourself like a “coffee bean” in your growth years.
Choose a major that you are truly passionate about. Studying a subject because you love it versus studying it for the requirements are two completely different things. You will always find the extra drive to study a true interest over something that was only mandated in class as a reading assignment.
Academic excellence is not only limited to achievements in the classroom but also outside of it. Find time to learn in informal settings, via extra-curricular organizations, as well as in civic and cultural groups that reach out to the local community to help in making a difference. These can also include enrichment and honors programs within the campus.
Utilize resources provided by the school to enhance your learning. Do not simply rely on the textbook and lecture notes. Instead, full understanding of the lessons can only be made possible by studying beyond the normal confines of the classroom. Using the library, for example, presents a wide array of old and new information that you can use to build your knowledge and enhance your understanding of a specific topic. By continually repeating this for all your subjects, you can be confident in answering any written or oral exam not to mention obtain information that you can use long after you have graduated from university.
Academic excellence also requires development of your other skills so you are better equipped to work in an environment of cooperation and sharing. To do this, learn to pick up extra responsibilities in organizations, or working with faculty on simple research papers. This does not only hone your understanding of the topics you have worked on but also uplifts your persona and standing in the eyes of your superior and peers. More importantly, it gives you a picture of what happens in an actual work environment so you are no longer surprised when introduced to corporate work settings. You will find that an office space New York has the same dynamics as your local college or university.

One of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to the pursuit of academic excellent is to pick schools with outstanding reputation for producing good students. You do not necessarily have to be in an Ivy League college but there are plenty of institutions who are committed to producing good graduates as much as Apple is committed to releasing the iPhone 5. In that sense, it is hard to go against the pull of academic excellence when you are in a school that has been known to drill in the necessary learning and transform you into someone ready for the outside world. Consider these things that you can expect in a good school:

The admission process in itself is already difficult. These schools are not like action sites who offer themselves to those who can pay. They have stringent standards that do not bend or break for students. Students bend and break for them.
The history of producing good students tells you that curriculum, mode of instruction and similar academic tools are proven to work. You do not go into a bad car dealership looking to guess which things work and which ones don’t. In these schools, every car is a well-oiled machine.
These schools are at the forefront of innovative teaching methods. If they were a salon, they helped invent the Brazilian Keratin treatment. These means that they are equipped with sufficient tools to ensure learning and to keep you plugged in.
Good schools have excellent teachers who also graduated from reputable institutions, have deep academic credentials and are dedicated to their craft. With these teachers at the helm, you do not need Capsiplex to slim down; all the study materials will do that for you.

Give extra value to your academic achievements by shooting for academic excellence in your studies. It will give you intellectual satisfaction and set you on the road to a good career. It’s the one thing you can give to yourself and your parents as the perfect graduation day gift.