Hello Old Nemisis

I’d like to own that my first macaron attempt looked like this:


Today would be different. Give me macarons or give me death!

It started like this:

Because of this:

Lookin’ good!:

Except Batch 1 did this:

Ookie. (at least it made feet):

So the team mobilised:

as Ivan made fresh pasta (baking is hard work):

Andrea set the table (*gorgeous* place!):

I pondered Batch 2′s cracks (verdict: underbaked):

and we rallied around the VICTORY frosting, either moving too fast to be caught on film or *after* a bottle of vinho verde… (spoiler: it was a *really* good wine…):


With the miracle of Batch 3… (perfeito!):

…and some of the darkest chocolate cupcakes (oh! And a little bubbly? Don’t mind if I do…), we’re foreshadowing triumph:

Andrea piped for Canada:

(and, actually, she hoped it was for the pleasure of Brazil):

Our efforts begat fabulosity:

and Ivan, as the representative of Team Brazil, declared it a win:

With that, I proclaim the month of July CLOSED. On a high note!
What are your August plans? I’m going to Machu Picchu. And the gym. But not in that order. 😀