Next stop

Oh, this week… Let me just say this—I had my interview. I had prepped and worried and did all I could, and then: not good. They asked me a big broad question, and I said “well, that’s really two questions—shall I do one at a time?” They said “no, do both, as a two-parter”.


Well, they kept interrupting me to ask me questions about my answer, and since I was on speaker phone it was like talking into a vacuum: phones are bad enough for not having any body language, but speaker takes away any of the “uh huh” / active listening noises.

So then, I’d try to go back from my tangent to what I was saying, and as soon as I hung up I thought, “oh god. I didn’t say X! I didn’t say Y! I DIDN’T SAY Z!!!!!” And I definitely didn’t sell myself enough.

I’m pretty untried in the art of interviewing—I’ve had 2 that mattered; one went well enough (hence, I have my job), the other didn’t (hence, I didn’t get a permanent job).

This one, also, didn’t.


I’m annoyed because I think I’d have been SO RIGHT, but that I screwed it RIGHT UP and will have to wait to get my shot—and, remember how I turned 34 last week? Not old, but relatively old given that I’m starting right over again… And I still was reeling from how awful it all had been when, just three hours later, a family member told me to “suck it up”.

Well, that was unhelpful, unkind, and uncalled for. And only 3 hours later?!? How about some mourning time? 😉

I don’t think I need to talk to that person for awhile. 🙂 But now, 2+ days later, I *have* sucked it up. And googled “how much will my unemployment benefits be?”

And then I amused myself with 3 bad iPhone photos:

It’s shiny and weird, but I’m OBSESSED with pita pizza. I’ve been eating dinner at 9.30pm after work, and then working till midnight. This blend of carbs and happiness is JUST RIGHT to power me through my last burst of work, but isn’t so heavy that I can’t sleep well.

It’s a whole wheat pita, some salsa, some pesto, crimini mushrooms, and a little Jarlsberg cheese on top—just as the Norwegians intended. 😀

Bad Photo 2:

Yes. This is yesterday afternoon, in my office. It was like a ghost town today with everyone and their mother flexing, so I did have a post-lunch sip of scotch with my chocolate, to make up for the fact that I’ve got too much on my plate for the next few weeks. Judge me if you will! I guess I’ll miss the flexibilities in my job… but as for working 100 hours a week, well, I dare say the memory of that will soften the blow. 😀

Photo 3:

After my interview, I looked at myself in the mirror and said “wow! You haven’t looked THIS rough since finishing your dissertation!”

Now, that’s a lie. I actually have looked this rough in the Spring of 2008, 2009, 2010, AND now 2011, too. New realisation: I get really bad skin when I’m tired. PRETTY! So I decided to do the only thing I could to try to make it all better (until the sleep gods visit, that is)—I drank water. Lots of water.

I drank 8 of these 20 ouncers yesterday.


Which means 5 litres of water.

Wow. I might add that I didn’t eat very much because I hadn’t brought enough food with me for the day, *and* I woke up feeling so dehydrated that I considered licking the dew off my car before I drove to work… So it was an atypical day, and I had some atypical room for THAT much water.

But while I’m still insensible in a lot of other ways, water actually made things a whole lot better. Even more than the sip o’ scotch.

Go figure.

I’m hosting my “coming out” party on 3 June! Most of you know me quietly by email, but it’s time to be a little more “real” here… it will include a game. Just sayin’.

And, even better:

On 11 June it’s my 1-year blog anniversary! Stay tuned for a giveaway!

Tomorrow, the pack-a-thon begins. And the move-a-thon. Still haven’t listed my couch on Kijiji. I’m feeling intimidated by the interweb. Better get over that ASAP…
Are you a chronic avoider, too? 🙂