A Great Day

Fact: I am 70 years, to the day, younger than Katharine Hepburn.


Even if she was “box office poison” for a time, I’ve always thought she was pretty cool—classic, classY, and she wore trousers before it was common. I dig me a little non-conformism.

To celebrate us, yesterday began with a parfait, proceeded with a dose of crazy, and ended with a smile. I had to work in the evening, but this had a silver lining: because this month there’s a metric tonne of “Dr S, the talking head”, it means a little perk— I’m babysitting this:

It’s for work purposes, so I’m schlepping it all over town, but at night when I come home and dump out all my possessions on the table (seriously—what’s with the mess? Pills, camera, Swiss army knife, nail file, watch, cheque book, books ‘n’ books ‘n’ books, STAPLER?!? You can’t imagine what the rest of the table looks like…!), I come down by washing dishes. True. Sad, but true. And now, I can do it with a little company:

I have bemoaned my white walls for four years—like living an asylum, not helped by the fact that half the time I’m part nuts—but now, I’m LOVING them! Can you tell that Mr Darcy is almost life-size, projected on my kitchen wall? I’ve been making my way through the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice; I’ve also done life-size yoga in my living room, and had movie night in bed once or twice… (though by yoga and “movie night”, I really mean I did *5 minutes* of yoga and then had to rush to work, and I put a film on to talk me to *sleep*. 😀 )

Still: SO FUN. I don’t have a TV (and don’t really want one), but this way I get to look at something bigger than my little Mac. And shouldn’t Colin Firth *always* be larger-than-life?

So, since I had to work tonight, I rushed together a batch of cupcakes (no pic—nothing special, either) and left my kitchen in an absolute shambles. But: today was a good day, so when I returned to the shambles at the end of it all, I also had this to make me smile:

My friend and colleague, took me to lunch today, and gave me SO MANY FLOWERS that I couldn’t fit them in my vase—only my soup pot. How fabulous is that?! 😀 😀 😀 It became a LOOOONG lunch, however, because I’m a cheap drunk: I ordered a 6 oz glass of wine at 1.30. I didn’t finish it, and I still wasn’t able to drive myself home again until 4. Oops. I’d like to blame the fact that the BC drunk driving laws are the most stringent in the country, but really: I’m just that easy.

And because of that, I made the world’s FASTEST batch of vanilla vanilla cupcakes, and left this disaster all around my lovely flowers as I bolted off to work:

This doesn’t tell you that there were muffin tins by the front door (to cool in the cross breeze), a cooling rack in the freezer (’cause the cross breeze wasn’t cool enough), and the frosting paraphernalia on the floor, since there was no other flat space available as far as the eye could see.

It was a good day. 🙂
And now, I have a question for you:

my mom sent me a cheque and I’m wondering how to spend it—I’m thinking about a Kobo, a Kindle, or an iPad. I want a digital reader for travelling purposes, and I have a Mac and an iPhone so I fear that the iPad is iOverkill: what do you think?

Also: my promise of cake to come earlier this week wasn’t referring to my hasty cupcakes today—instead, I’m making a big deal, but my local grocery has stopped selling whipping cream and only has whipped cream (what the what?!?), so it’s tabled until Saturday night. It’s still coming!

So Kate: to you, to me, and to an affinity for the bull. 🙂