Don’t do this

Step 1: lose sleep. A lot of sleep. Because sleep is lame.

Step 2: lose your appetite so no possible nutrition works to your betterment.

Step 3: undertake an 8-hour drive to Calgary and rue the fact that you can’t work and drive at the same time. Cough. A lot. Enjoy that there’s no one there to judge your coughing.

Step 4: lose more sleep, getting up WAY early to fly across the country—and gird yourself for the impending doom of resentful stares by others when they hear your cough.

Check, check, check and check: and so, welcome to Day 10 of this stupid cold.

So I’m sitting here suddenly in Toronto… and I’m really proud of this:

It’s an out-of-focus iPhone pic, true enough, but it’s also healthy food: a spinach salad with mushrooms, edamame and tofu with a sprinkle of ground flax… and I carried it with me, first in a cooler on my drive yesterday, and then halfway across the country in my carry on. I’ve tried this before, but never been successful—till now! I didn’t even get my fork confiscated at security!

I find that portable protein can be a challenge: it’s not typically very durable, ofter perishable and needs refrigeration… but I cooked up a brick of tofu and am carrying it around in a Ziploc container. This seems to have solved the problem relatively easily. I may have just changed my life! But one thing I haven’t done is change my cold. Commitment is everything. 😀