The More About Me Post

During my little hiatus, a very fun thing happened…

Do you ever read some blogs and think, “I bet if we sat down to coffee with each other, we wouldn’t get up for a week“?

I feel like that about a number of my faves, not the least of which is the delightful Heather. Ever since I watched her video on making protein ice cream last July (in which she popped a cushion in front of her pregnant belly so the soon-to-be baby Summer wouldn’t go deaf from the noise of the VitaMix—still makes me laugh!), I’ve felt like we were kindred. Had already been blogging for yonks when I found her and is totally FAAAAAmous in bloggieland, so I comment, like hundreds of others, and have always been happy just to interact there.

Is this like being noticed by the main event when part of a crowd? Well, *that* has never happened to me, but I think it’s got to be similar, right? Like I’m suddenly Kate Middleton and the world cares about the house I grew up in…? OK, that’s a bit over the top. BUT: I am now looking into how to make fascinators part of my daily wardrobe—the one below is my fave—AND, more importantly, for the honour of this award, I’m meant to tell you 7 random things about me and then pass it on to up to 15 other bloggers. I feel like I’ve *arrived*!!!


Behold, the fascinator!
And now, 7 things you might not know about moi:

1) I have nightmares ALL the time.

Sometimes it’s just stress manifesting itself and I dream about daytime issues that I have yet to resolve, but the REAL recurring nightmares I’ve had over the last decade are always a variation on the same theme: I’m in a house with a murderer or a zombie, and I have to figure out how to defend myself… and I can’t. Why a zombie? I don’t know. But I’ve decided that in my soon-to-be “retirement”, I’m going to learn a martial art. Just call me the Wushu warrior… because whenever I solve the problem my dreams can’t, the dream goes away. Chicken or egg, bloggie friends? Chicken or EGG?

2) My dream job would be working in a museum…

… if I wasn’t worried about being able to retire someday. 🙂 True story.

That pic is Te Papa museum in Wellington, NZ, where I spent 4 glorious days at a fabulous conference in December. Awesome place, awesome people, awesome gift shop. The behind-the-scenes tour of the Taonga (Maori treasures) was like being high for 3 hours.

Also a true story. Who would lie about such nerdiness?

3) When I was little, my mom told me that my dad had bought “a globe”. I thought it meant “a crystal ball”, and I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I can’t see the future.

Strangely, I turned into someone with both a globe *and* a map fetish, but still: I’ve always felt like if I just *knew* things were going to work out, I could save a lot of worrying. 🙂


4) When I was a teenager, I was frequently told I looked like Mindy Cohn from The Facts of Life. In my adulthood, I sometimes get Reese Witherspoon, but I think it’s just the chin. 🙂

5) My absolute favourite drink is sparkling water.

I would rather drink Perrier than wine. I would rather drink San Pellegrino than scotch. I would rather drink Gerolsteiner than tequila. I would rather drink anything than milk.

I’m all about the bubbles. 🙂

6) If I don’t live in a foreign country in my lifetime, I’ll feel like it was all a waste.

I’ve travelled to 6% of the world (according to Facebook), and, besides Canada I’ve “lived” in Germany and the US (for 8 months and 4 months, respectively)… but that’s not enough! I absolutely *love* it when even the most mundane activity (groceries, banking, visiting a doctor, meeting people) becomes challenging because of cultural and language differences. The language thing also terrifies me—unable to communicate? Then WHAT AM I?!— but now that I’m at a crossroads in my life, I just might try to make this one come true… stay tuned!

7) I don’t like salt.

I pick the salt off my pretzels, in fact, and the only thing that I like to taste salt on are edamame. (Is edamame?) And, formerly movie theatre popcorn, until I learned that eating that stuff was like digging your grave with your own paws: cholesterol, bad fat, mega-calories… bleh. At least I still have edamame! (though I’m being cautious with my soy intake because my thyroid ain’t what it used to be…)