A Coffee Question

When I asked what you could live without yesterday, it forced me to rethink this whole “now I feel like I’m about to move” thing.

In all honesty, when my delightful roommate, lived with me a year and a half ago, she had said at one point about my “vintage” cutting boards, “well, you could get new ones!”

Yes, I could. But then I said “why would I want anything that I’m just going to have to move? I’d rather get settled somewhere and then buy cutting boards.” And you know what? I almost broke that when seduced by a lovely bamboo cutting board in SuperStore last week… but I didn’t. My point is, I’ve actually had one foot into my move for YEARS!

And things have just kept on getting leaner. Well, maybe not ME, but that’s what SPRING CLEANING is for!!

A few months ago In November, I melted my coffeemaker. It was an ungood thing to have happen, but not tragique because I have a lovely Nespresso machine in my office. So, in November, I would make myself an extra coffee at work at the end of the day, carry it home, and pop it in the fridge (because I actually prefer cold bevvies in the am).

I figured I’d replace the cafetiere eventually, and resume my daily espresso-ing myself.

I went to Winners, because I’m all about budgeting now.

I bought both a stainless steel French Press and an espresso maker—the stove top kind—and spent only $30 in total. Win!

…or so I thought. Turns out, the espresso maker made rubber-flavoured coffee (ick!), and the French Press was just… well… a touch rancid, maybe. It’s pretty, but it dribbles when it pours and the post has some grease on it. Always. Ungood.

I quickly made the decision that I only needed “one coffee per day”, and I’d have it at work with my Nespresso.

And then came this:

It was a gift! I had always pooh-poohed instant as being nasty and oh-so-wrong. To my surprise… I liked it! I liked it a lot! I liked it enough to buy my own when this pack of single-serves was done… and then I saw the cost.

It’s more than a buck a cup. And by “cup”, I mean 250-mls. More than a buck.

For instant.

So I quit trying to have my coffee and drink it, too: obviously, home coffee was NOT meshing with my minimalist approach (and two new coffeemakers…). 😉 So I went back to my once-daily $0.60-per Nespresso, and came to realise that while I really look forward to my daily coffee, I could also give it up easily.

But only if there was still tea.

And bubble water.

I think this is called “substitution”.
Are you a purist? Would you, could you, drink instant? Would you, could you in a boat? Would you, could you on a moat? uhhh, nevermind that last part. 🙂