Things You Just Can’t Live Without

I’m about a month from the first part of my move. In terms of my day-to-day life, it’s already having an effect.

Example: This week, I wanted to buy some new Yogi tea… but since we’ve already discussed my little collection “problem“, I had to just say “no”.

I finished (after about 6 months) the mammoth wedge of Asiago that I bought at Costco. Asiago is my fave hard cheese and I use a little here and there for accents (hence, “6 months”)… and now that it’s gone, I miss it! But I don’t have 6 months to give a new wedge, so welcome to my post-Asiago life.

My turmeric is also gone. I love turmeric in scrambled eggs, fritatta, etc, but as the container is empty now and I can’t buy it in bulk (and therefore in smaller quantities), we’re SO OVER.

I keep buying produce, meat and dairy, but I’m also not allowing myself to buy canned *anything* unless it’s for use right away. AND YET: almost every day, something else runs low or runs out (ground ginger, cinnamon, I’m looking at you!), and I play a little game with myself.
I call it, “what can I live without?”

It’s harder than you’d think! Every time you go to grab something to add to a dish, like all the satellite foods or additions that aren’t, by themselves, a main course or anything, think about whether or not it’s on your list: vital, or could you live without it?

In related news, remember when I bought a dime bag of nutmeg? (JUST KIDDING. I ATE IT, DIDN’T SNORT IT) I had the intention of finishing it by Valentine’s Day, and that included December in NZ.

Well, it took me a month extra—it was this past Tuesday that I sucked back my last high my last bit of pre-ground nutmeg, but in my defence, the reason that it took me an extra month was 100% because of the MEGANUTS. I therefore condimentally cheated on the dime bag, but I forgive myself. And I’m in NO danger of having to do without ANY nutmeg whatsoever.

When the cupboard is bare, microbial life and nutmeg will remain.
But still… the game goes on. So tell me: what daily staple do you think you could not live without?