The Necessity of Education in the Present

The current job market is not a pretty one. Since the financial crisis, so many companies are closing their doors leaving thousands of people unemployed. This is not only relevant to the USA, but to almost every country around the world.

What this means for the average person looking for full-time employment is that they are faced with a dog eat dog situation. For every job posting there are literally hundreds of applicants, some better qualified than you and some with more working experience than you.

Now if you were wondering why education is such a big necessity in the present day, this is your answer. Education is the key to getting a good job and securing your future. Without a job you may be forced into bankruptcy or find a company that will write off debt, but either way you are left with empty pockets.

We all understand the importance of work. Work is what makes the world go round, if we didn’t work there wouldn’t be money for our mortgages, heating, electricity, food and education. While education does not come cheap, it is the necessary stepping stone in today’s society to get your foot into the job market.

The Recession

The recession left many families in shock. As the main bread winner lost their job and the family struggled to keep up with rent and mortgage payments. We have seen families where the parents of middle class families haven’t eaten for days to ensure their children have food each day. This is the sad reality of what the recession has done to us.

The biggest problem people have faced is not having the right education for the jobs on offer. If necessary do some career research, learn more about the available positions to find one that suits your academic accomplishments and your previous working experience.

You may find yourself selling taylor guitars or working with serviced apartments, but the bonus for you is while this may not be utilizing the education that you worked so hard for, you do have a stable income coming into the home which helps pay off the bills.

The recession has left so many people out of work, the unemployment rates continue to increase on a daily basis as businesses which are struggling continue to close their doors. There is a glimmer of hope though, so even though you feel your education is not being used to it’s full potential, there are signs that the world is pulling out of the shock of the financial crisis and getting back on track.

This means that your education needs to be top notch and you need the academics and work experience when applying for jobs. Be sure to apply for positions that meet your ability, don’t oversell yourself and whatever you do, do not sell yourself short.

You can find job openings online. Do a search for jobs in your area the same as you would for affitti and apply for those that meet your educational abilities.