What and When Was This?

Do you remember this?


I seriously heart that film… but instead of “where and when?”, today I’m asking “what and when?”

In keeping with my Spring Cleaning, I’ve been doing some food diarising. Did I just create a word? Good.

I’ve noticed something… I’m officially eating about 60% of what I was in the fall, and I’m eating it at the very beginning and the very end of the day.

I know the second half of that is generally frowned upon, but lunch is a struggle these days. In part because I just can’t think of anything I *want* to eat… but I’m also just not that hungry.

I have about 65% of my breakfast, and it can literally be 7pm before I next eat anything of substance. I’ll graze through the rest of my breakfast at work all day, but then it’s not until the early evening that I actually feel like “OK, really: eat.”, and REAL hunger only comes closer to bedtime. Weird.

I don’t think this will end well—because I’m a stressy monkey, I dare say I’ll find a way to gain weight given such reduced calories. Argh. Plus, eating at the end of the day and then going to sleep’s not a good idea—but that’s when I’m hungry!
So my question is this: is it better to eat when you’re not hungry so that you’re eating at the “right time of day”, or should you eat when you’re hungry, but at less-than-ideal times and intervals?

That takes care of the when, now as for the “what”… I’m obsessed with drinking tea.



I have one or two cups with breakfast. One with lunch during the time that mortals consume their mid-day meals. One cup when I get home from work. Another three or four in the evening. And when I go to bed, I’m just thinking about when I can next have tea.

And beyond that, like I said, nothing really appeals to me. Well, sugar is sometimes AWESOMELY appealing and then 5 minutes later absolutely DISGUSTING. Weird.

Two of the blogs I peruse, one often and the other from time to time, have just become “foodie AND pregnant” blogs, and aside from daytime retching, I find these blogs a comfort because I feel some sameness. I’m also going through a weird foodie phase, only without the corporeal alien invasion. 😀

I’m liking greek yogurt: I went to THREE different stores today to get “the right one”—I don’t know WHY Greek Gods is tasting so good (it’s in no way the BEST yogurt, I know!), but it is. And I’m liking snap peas. And strawberries. And I never don’t want pizza, but I also feel exhausted at the *thought* of that much wheat.

What’s cool about all this is that after a period of extreme stress to the tune of oh em eff gee, it kinda sounds like I’m pregnant… so I wonder if extreme stress hammers your hormones.

I usually gain weight in March—or, I have for the last 3 years. It’s a tough time of year. I wonder what’s going to happen now…
So my next question is, when your appetite goes off the rails, should you try to force yourself to get back on track with good foods, or give in to eating a few foods monotonously, and supplement with vitamins?

I’m sad to say that my run last weekend hurt my knee, which I “tested” out with some hill repeat running yesterday, and, yep, still hurts. So my Spring Cleaning needs a little revision. I’m contemplating getting some bad physio just to know *what* exactly hurts, but in case any of you like to play doctor (heh), it’s on the outside of my right knee, it only hurts when I go down stairs, and I *think* it’s probably related to my quad in some way. Any thoughts? 😀