Going Yoga Crazy and New Recipe

It’s been snowing for almost 24 hours now. Just in case anyone was worried that I might never be heard from again, here’s a half post. Apologies on it not being more, but I’m in the process of trying to achieve a stupid work goal I set for myself last week, and has required almost all waking hours of the weekend. Boo. Ya.

FACT: ever since I did 11 minutes of Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga DVD, I’m IN! I can’t walk past my yoga mat (which means, every time I go anywhere in my house) without hitting a Series A or B or both a few times. Sha-zam! It was just about finding the one that fit, I guess. I heart this DVD, and I haven’t even finished it yet! Cheaper than the punch card, and, so far, way better. Why? I think because Ashtanga makes me feel like I’m getting stronger, not just looser, and that’s the holy grail!

FACT: Last weekend I made two recipes out of the January Clean Eating magazine.

I made “Hot and Sour Soup” (p.64).

This isn’t it. Well, this is it after some major work…

It was neither hot nor sour, when I first made it. It was bland with a side of blander. To make it sing, I added two pieces of turkey bacon (which you can see from six o’clock to nine o’clock), a hefty teaspoon-ish of pesto, and about 6 dots of sesame oil.

FINAL ANSWER: won’t make this again, but a different recipe of the same? I still like the idea!

I made “Slow-Cooked Curried Chickpeas” (p.38).

My first serving was when it was fresh—the smell was outstanding, I had high hopes… but heard only crickets.

But on Day 2 when I ate it for lunch at work, I had the “a-ha” moment. On Day 3 when I had it for dinner at home, same thing. As you see it in the pic, it’s chickpeas and rutabaga with some greens, all curried up and stirred together with quinoa and 2 Tbsp of Greek Yogurt. The yogurt is the critical ingredient here—the dish didn’t come togther until it made its appearance. And garnished with roasted red pepper? Mm!

FINAL VERDICT: a keeper. Not an all-time-fave, but I’d definitely hit this again.

I’m not done re-focusing yet, which is good because I’m sucking at it. 🙂 My spirit remains willing, but what the what, Salvadore Dali? How come *I* can’t make my watch melt, thereby ripping apart linear time? 😀