Mentally exhausted

I’ve started 4 different posts this week, but all of them were a bit philosophical and thinky, and I’m mentally exhausted so they’re all shelved until I can give them the proper reflection. 🙂

I’ve been distracted this week, which feeds the exhaustion. Stuff just HAS to get done, and when I’m distracted, the energy it takes to focus takes me to the brink. My distraction is still focused on NZ right now.

I’m seriously affected by the earthquake. More than I was for Chile, and I’m not sure why. Is it because I’ve *been* to NZ? Is it because I was *just* there, 10 weeks ago? Is it because I heart NZ? Or is it because these were people *just* like me, who went to work one day and it all stopped?

Add to that the fact that a close Kiwi friend has lost family, and I’m a bit rattled. Focus was hard enough this week, and re-focusing on top of that was nigh on impossible.

Tuesday: nothing. Wednesday: nothing. Could I have squeezed in 30 minutes on either day—or both? In hindsight, probably, but that’s because distraction ate my time. Kath kindly explained that the focus challenge involved shifting awareness and NOT just action, but for me, the awareness has been there for 6 months. I NEEDED this to be about action.


But I can say this, to leave things on a big positive—yesterday, I planned on hitting the 7.30pm beginning yoga at the new studio where I have my punch card. I had missed real food for lunch (unless Black Forest cake counts as “real food”? 😉 ), and when I crawled through my door at 6.20 pm, I was SO READY for nutrients!!

I made two recipes last weekend, which I’ll tell you about in next post. Basically, they were both from Clean Eating magazine (Oxygen mag’s sister publication), and at first, I was massively underwhelmed. One of them needed a LOT of help to be delicious—you’d never think that re-heating soup could take so much extra work! So when I sat down to eat at 6.52, knowing that that was still a bit tight for eating before yoga, I literally paused with the spoon halfway to my mouth: next to me was the yoga schedule, and the beginner class was at 7. NOT 7.30.


But then I remembered this:

I took this baby out of the library last weekend! And I LOVE Ashtanga, even though I don’t LOVE yoga! I hit my living room, and got through exactly 11 minutes (Series A and B, several times each), when my phone rang and a friend needed some translation help. I helped. We chatted a bit, I washed dishes, and then, I was hit with a wave of exhaustion and went to bed. It was 9. Which is like noon to a night owl like me, but I went with it.

I woke up this morning and can DEFINITELY feel my practice, even if it was almost ridiculously brief. That actually makes me feel good that my I-love-a-challenge self didn’t hit the WHOLE video!! So I’m counting it for the re-focus as 1 of my 2 yogas (and I think I’ll do more today!!), and hoping I’m back on the horse again after a sketchy re-focusing week.
In other wonderful news…