When it rains it pours

It’s downright un-Canadian, I’ll admit it.

Therefore, I’m not going to link you to Youtube, where you can listen to them since “Courage”. Sure, the lyrics from “Courage” make up this post’s title, but still. I just can’t!

Instead, let me moan about what it refers to:

Today is Day 2 of the Re-Focus, and the first day I’ve been in the office since making this commitment. And lo, enter the Hip lyrics: focusing AWAY from work and ON exercise is SO solid, I’ve only been trying for 6 months to do it, but then one day in the office reminds me why I have not yet succeeded.

There were tears.


Neither case were mine.


So as I try to reel in from commitments at work to focus on me, I see the ripple effect all around me. I see the carnage of mangled young psyches, of young people who have made mistakes and mis-managed themselves, and I’m meant to guide them through.

So while I’m definitely committed to 10 days, that’s because I know I’ve done far worse for much longer, and I *know* I’m about to kiss goodbye some good sleep. WHENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN will I just learn to say no? It’s too late now, mind you, but last November, when I got into all this over-extension at work… WHY DIDN’T I JUST SAY NO?

End rant. 😀

A big woot for me this morning: I’m excited to report that my alarm went off at 5.30, and a string of profanities ensued.


Well, that’s not what’s exciting. What’s exciting is that in spite of everything in me saying “dude. Just sleep for 2 more hours, and all will be well…“, I. Got. Up. I met Holly for a 1-hour ski. During this time, I regaled her with stories of my LSAT tragedy, and she told me about her cat passing away. 🙁 Then, we went upbeat: she told me about the excitement of buying a new car, so that her 17-year-old daughter is less embarrassed by the parents now, and I told her exactly where, anatomically speaking, the hip flexors connect in the abs. I phrased this as a question:

“Holly, did you know that your hip flexors attach in your abdomen? It’s true. And I know it because it’s an anatomical fact, but also because I can point out *exactly where* thanks to yesterday’s run.”

Yeah, I’m feeling it, and it’s Day 2. But honestly—I’m feeling *something* most days, and this is by far the very best pain I could have hoped for. 😀

Will I sound like a suck-up if I thank Lindsay again for this challenge? Or if I thank her for roping me in?


Worse still, will you even *believe* me after my complaining?!? 😀

A quick one from the “I-jumped-the-gun” files, too: my skin got progressively worse yesterday, and is ever-so-slightly like a relief map now. It’s a bit itchy, but this is still HUGELY better than before. So maybe a monthly flirtation with swimming things is a good re-entry into fish for now…

If it coulda been a flirtation with a swimming thing of a human variety, now, well… that couldn’t have come at a *better* time.

[†Disclaimer! I actually *do* like this Hip. It brings me right back to my youth. 😀 ]