Matcha love

Ladies, I have just submitted my LAST application. And not a moment too soon—for one thing, it’s 2 hours until the deadline, and for another, I’m not so lucid.

So today, I’m going to say it with chocolate.

If you find yourself in Vancouver, get thee to Chocolate Arts, because “Fine Chocolate is an Art”. Amen.

I haven’t been, of course, but my colleague-of-trauma always brings me something back whenever she goes. Sweet! 😉

These are a must:

Because the true magic is in what lies beneath…

Oh, Matcha! I was recently reminded by Kath (thanks!) that a) Matcha and chocolate are a… match-a made in heaven? OUCH. SORRY. But seriously, if you haven’t tried it, it’s life-changing (when done well)! I actually lament the time I’ve spent in Paris for having introduced me to Sadaharu Aoki, for now I dream of the ivoire macha:


It’s € 10,00 per bar. TEN!! But oh-so-worth it. Although, this is Matcha and white chocolate, so let’s bring this back to the dark side.

Check ça:

I made this lovely opera cake for New Year’s 2008. I was a very different person then, but that brings me to the second thing Kath reminded me of: b) I really love to bake, and in just 12 days, once the LSAT is over, I will bake until tears of joy course down my face. 😀
So here is today’s chocolate bliss: and it’s “Matcha Point” because with the apps now DONE… hello, LSAT, I’m looking at you.