What is life?

Given that I’ve been hanging out in little Suzy B*itchfaceland lately, I’m happy for my 5-posts-about-chocolate plan. How can anyone be unhappy when there’s chocolate? And while we’re at it, though I’m SO sore today that every movement is *felt* deeply (ouch: yoga), I can’t help repeating yesterday’s mantra with each step.

Now, really, I’m NOT so into the whole spiritual side of yoga. My spirituality is my own thing, and while I like meditating on my own, I don’t FEEL it when I’m in public. I mostly go through the motions for the whole chanting and singing part of yoga, and by that I mean, I am completely silent… which is its own achievement for a little ball of frenetic activity like myself.

But this mantra… it’s GOLD. The instructor says it with her kids ’cause it’s THAT great, and while you can’t see me waving my arms about in the accompanying spasm, say it with me now!:
“This is my LIFE!
MINE to enJOY!
I… feel… GREAT!!!!”

Cute, no? I say it with each footfall and it makes me smile. Sorta like this little number, the reverence for which led me to devote some time to chocolate on my blog:

**cue the crickets**…

I know. It doesn’t look like much, a half-moon wafer on a red file folder in my office, but think of this as the chocolate equivalent of “still waters run deep”.

In its proper form, it looks more like this:


And their royal gorgeousness can only be procured for £9.98 in the UK.

Can you read what’s on there? INTENSELY dark chocolate! FIERY chilli with COOL lime! And I’m telling you, the lime seals the deal. My colleague got a box of these from his brother-in-law, to whom we have now built a tasteful shrine, and whenever we’re in heated hallway debate about something and the box o’ wafers is produced, the silence descends… and “I… feel… GREAT!!”

(PS: I submitted my completed application to UVic today, which is probably my first choice. Scary. Exhilerating! 2 down, 1 to go!)
What makes you feel GREAT? Will you send me some? 😉