Could I Please Be Free?

I didn’t run as much as I’d thought I would in NZ… but running was still really on my mind. Mostly because when I first got to Auckland, I was staying at a FABULOUS B&B (I highly recommend, if you have the choice!) and my walk to work took me past Victoria Park Market… with a Nike store.

I went in. I’m a hard-core New Balance girl from way back, but barefoot running is interesting… apparently Nike’s been onto this for years, and the result of the trials-and-errors are the Nike Free Run.

When I first slipped it on, my feet were tired from heels and sandals that *always* rub blisters the first times I wear them, so the Free Run felt like a warm hug on a cold day. The sole is super-flexible—and SO light! I was enticed! But for NZ$200, I just wasn’t going to commit.

I want these shoes enough that I braved Boxing Day shopping to try to find a pair on sale, but I only encountered the hideous colours and the wrong sizes. Boo! Luckily, Tara’s mom is flying back tomorrow and is going to see what she can find there… and Alberta has only GST (5%) as opposed to the loathed HST of British Columbia (15%).

Soon I might not be a New Balance girl anymore—and it feels strange to switch brands. It’s not just loyalty, it’s about knowing how the gear works for me… I swear! But I’m also not willing to buy these shoes at regular price, because it is a risk trying something out of my tried-and-true norm. Or maybe I’m resisting change for cosmetic purposes? Hm!
Do you stick with one particular brand… but not for good reason?