Not doing well

Oh, I’m in hell.

And I should be working instead of blogging.

But I just wanted to point something interesting out: when last I was in this condition, I was about 15lbs heavier, and TOTALLY self-medicating with sugar.

Today, I ate when I wasn’t hungry once, out of stress. And I burned my dinner (blackened in a fully un-sexy and non-Cajun way), so I ate sugar again in place of a meal.

And I feel absolutely PUTRID.

I think this is progress! Food is not the answer to bad feelings! In fact, last night I ate roasted veggies because that was the only thing in the world I wanted… But right now, nothing is the answer except working, which is a nasty spiral since it’s what’s sent me to hell in the first place…

I think I need a workout. 😛
Happy December!