Losing the weight

Can’t take it!

Finding it hard to work even 12 hours a day, and there’s so much to do!

Haven’t mopped the floor in so long, I don’t remember what clean looks like!

Tired of not being able to do my best in anything because getting it *done* is all I can manage!

I’ve maybe gone bananas!

BUT! I did run 12 K this morning! (and I ROCKED IT, as an aside! Wooo-ee! It was slow, to be sure, but I was in the front group, and the last 5 just kept getting easier… I think I have some distance work in my future!)

Still… feel like I’m losin’ it!
And yet:

When the weight of the world crushes, when I’ve done everything I can but feel like it’s enough… that’s when I pull out the big guns:

bathtub meditation (thank you, lovely and talented Graham, for the Epsom salts!) and a little home-made PB cup for one.

And with that, tomorrow will be better… if for no other reason than the fact that it’s one sleep closer to Friday, when I’m going to Calgary, and thereafter will end the era of the crappy iPhone photo images.

Yay. And blarg.
How do you come down when you’re overwhelmed? And: Is it better to be OVERwhelmed or UNDERwhelmed, as a general rule? 😉