Learning New Things

1. Costco sells DENBY!

And it’s not BAD!

2. Freezer burn can actually *improve* the taste of some foods.

(‘Member these? I brought the last few to work today—turns out, they’ll hit the spot when I’m in a pinch and need a quick kick of healthy energy. I won’t say I like ‘em, but might I miss them when they’re gone?) 🙂

3. Even I can crave a sandwich.

Can’t tell you when I last ate one, but here was the thing of beauty: 2 slices of wheat-free soy bread, toasted. 1 side with a slice of Jarlsberg cheese and 1/4 avocado, the other side with 1 Tbsp edamame hummus topped with scrambled egg whites and basil… and some Dijon mustard to make it sing! With carrots and cherry tomatoes on the side, It was actually pretty awesome. Go figure!

I’m off to bed, as a reckoning awaits me in the morning: I promised the group that I’d run the full 12 K this week. So *of course*, the route-planner went and changed the route so that kilometres 2-5 are ALL UPHILL! Za! I emailed him and said, basically, “aw, man!” And he responded:

“Dear S

I can tell that you relish a challenge. I have every confidence in your abilities. It will be that much more special to have you running. How could you not run after all of this confidence in you?
See you Sunday, S.”

I feel a barely veiled threat in there. 😀 Pray for me! Happy Hallowe’en to you all!