Shout out to momma

My mom reads my blog sometimes. I’m glad—as I think I bore people around me with my endless interest in food and healthy living, I’m happy to have her along…

and today is my mom’s BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Cutest torchbearer ever!

True story: I’m basically the world’s worst mailer. I have great intentions, and I. LOVE. MAIL!, but I just cannot seem to get it together to get stuff to my mom on time. I was late for Christmas and mother’s day (several years in a row), but I owned this birthday because she *actually* got my card today! (I’ll leave aside any discussion about how wrong it is that it takes 6 days for something to go from here to there.

True story #2: my mom hasn’t really ever *loved* anything I’ve baked. She lives far away and has therefore tasted very little of it, in fairness, but this is also because I have this annoying habit of trying to convert her to *my* favourite things instead of making her *her* favourite things… As today is, indeed, HER day, Mom, I think you’d really like this one… may I present my vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, and a spicy poached pear filling (aka Van-Van with Spicy Pear)?

Now, to take it down a little… this post is an ode to momS, not just my mom… because today is also the second anniversary of the death of a woman who I thought of as my “Western Mom”. She fought a valiant battle against Cancer two years ago, tenacious till the very last, and I miss her lots, and think of her with a smile whenever she comes to mind…

So tonight’s post is in honour of Moms of all kinds, in all ways, and in loving memory of Rusty.