A New Career Path

Oh! I have to tell someonnnnne! It’s going to be youuuuuuuu!

Today, I got the awesomest, most fab-tastical mail… I’ve anticipated it for awhile, but now that it’s official I can get excited—and live up to my blog’s name. 🙂 I know that healthy bloggers tend to leave their careers and retrain in the direction of healthy living, and it’s usually what I’m going toward that they leave… but for me, if you knew me, you’d know a few things:

1) my current job is ALL WRONG FOR ME. Even if I got 3 degrees to do it: this is not how I want to go through life!

2) my current job is heavy on the burn-out and demands, it exiled me to the Hinterlands, and pay is sub-great—which only matters when you take into account the unhappy from 1).

3) I should have done this YEARS ago—during my cross-Canada, unofficial high school reunion tour this summer, when I would tell friends I hadn’t seen in 16 years “this is what I’m aiming for”, they all said “of course!” It fits me, and I think I’ll enjoy things that other don’t enjoy about it.

4) I’ve actually had some green-eyed monster whenever anyone around me has mentioned that they were going this way, which tells me that this is something I HAVE to do—or spend the rest of my life wondering “what if?”

Truth is, I’m interested in a LOT of things, and I like “new” and “different” and even “hard” often… I don’t know that I’ll stay at the end of this road forever, but I believe that when opportunities arise, you take them… and see what new opportunities arise out of that.

After all, life is an adventure: you risk, you see where things go. Sometimes, you’ll like it: it probably won’t last, so love it while it does! Sometimes, you won’t like it: it probably won’t last, so endure it while it does—or change it!

I’m making the change! I’m going back to school! I’m doing a degree in Law! 😀

(Yes, it’s a distance degree. No, I’m not “buying it online”; it’s an old system through the University of London, in the UK. It’s self-study and therefore not for everyone—but if there’s one thing a PhD says about you, it’s that you know how to learn. And I’m hitting it hard… hello, school! I’ve MISSED you!!!)

Have I said YAY yet?