On my way

Well, the best laid plans… I’m sitting in the Vancouver airport now waiting for my (slightly) delayed flight to Montreal… Due to a crazy last day that was really plagued by epic slothery (new word! new word!), I didn’t blog yesterday, and, as always, was only JUST ready for the next phase of the crazy Canadian summer tour to begin.

More from la belle province! I hatched a new plan that was supposed to start today, but the post’s not done, and the plan’s a touch derailed—just enough that blogging it later will work just fine.

Until I have my head on straight again, here’s a Kristin original recipe (which I haven’t tried yet, since I’m terrified of any recipe that wants beets), complete with Norwegian translation of the ingredients. She says it’s good whenever, with whatever. Don’t you just love flexibility? 🙂 That’s her royal creativeness at Lake Louise.
A May Kristin Original

Watermelon (I guess other types of melon work well too)
1 small beet (can be skipped as I know you don’t like it….but it blends well in the dish) (rødbete)
Nectarine (or a pear for a change) (nektarin eller pære)
Banana (banan)
Walnuts or sunflower seeds (valnøtter eller solsikkefrø)
1 lime squeezed over it (lime)—or lemon
Fresh chilli (chilli)
Celery (selleri)
A teaspoon of Canadian maple syrup (lønnesirup)
Apple-cider vinegar (eplesider eddik)
For a variation add some cinnamon (kanel)

All ingredients finely chopped…….and mix well. There are no measurements… just mix to your liking.

If anyone tries this, let me know how it goes!