Pain is only mental

Memory is a curse!

I was really excited to run with Anna and do stairs while in town… the first I accomplished on Monday: no problem! The second I accomplished yesterday: oh for the love of everything holy!

See this (sorry for the quality) photo? These are the Heights stairs BW. 12 flights of stairs, roughly 20 steps each… and last summer when I spent a few months working in town, I definitely RAN pyramids up and down these stairs with Anna and another buddy from our group fitness class.

Last year, we RAN. This year, I walked it. I couldn’t do any more than that… and the up part was a hefty workout, don’t get me wrong! I was definitely using what little breath I had left at the top to thank all forms of higher beings (including the lesser known pagan gods) that there were only TWELVE flights and not thirteen… but the hardest part was coming down.

I actually did the “hand-over-hand” descent, gripping the railing tightly, because my quads were such jelly that I actually feared that without a little support I would pitch headlong into one of the other unsuspecting exercisers on their way up… 🙂 So it was a ferocious workout, but I LOVED it! That is… I loved it until this morning…

I have the genetic gift of formidable calves. It’s more of a curse, since I’ve never found boots that I could get over them, and if skirts and dresses fall at the wrong length, it ain’t pretty. I’ve never done a single calf raise in the gym, nor have I ever needed to… until now, I guess! For this, I blame my beloved car. I have owned my special little guy for 1 year and 19 days, and I adore the freedom, flexibility, and efficiency he’s given me. But I also definitely think that he has eroded a little of my base fitness level: that walking to and from bus stops having been eliminated from my day DEFINITELY has had an effect on calf strength.

So today is my last full day here, and I have a to-do list, of course… but… I CAN’T WALK! I’ve never had calf pain before in my life, and it’s CRAZY! I’m going to try applying some heat and doing some gentle stretching to get me out the door, but… did I mention my special little guy is also standard? Clutching is bound to be hilarious, painful, and I’m promised to stall… so if you see a grey Toyota Matrix with plates on the roads today, you’ll definitely want to overtake me. I would, too, if I were you.

Oh no: late realization has struck… I have to RUN through the zoo tonight. Zounds!

And bringing this back to memory:
Have you ever dusted off an old workout that you remembered fondly, only to find out that you weren’t up for it anymore?