The Return of Goals

Sipping Absinthe and enjoying some pre-schnitzel appetisers:

I’m up in Prince George, experiencing one of the last New Year’s of the globe. And I, for one, am SO GLAD it is over. It was a hard year—not bad, per se, but not easy at all. I’m not afraid of a challenge, but some of this year was just garbage-y. Some smoother sailing would be A-OK by me. 😀

I probably set some great resolutions last year and then proceeded NOT to follow through on any of them… I’ve never been as slack as I have been the second half of the year. But there are some things I want to see happen in the first half of this year because Slack me doesn’t feel quite like home.

I want to send more letters. I suck at mailing, but I’d like to overcome that particular limitation. Send me an address if you want to be included in this particular desire. 😀

I want finally to start writing the historical fiction I’ve been thinking about.

I want to do yoga every day. Not a whole HOUR everyday, maybe, but my hamstring/quad issue on the right side has sidelined my group fitness intentions, and that shit makes me feel old. If I can’t jump, run, kick, lunge, squat and make merry, what’s the point?

And most of all, I want to live more. It’s hard freaking work for me (and a lot easier to stick my head into individual endeavours and avoid living REAL LIFE), but it’s coming along.

I’m a little bit too afraid of the still burnt-out kid that I am to make any more defined resolutions than that—my lack of stamina these days still scares me. Maybe just being patient with myself (yay! My strength! :S ) till the burn-out recedes is the key. For that reason, while I do *really* mean to come back to blogging—and reading blogs—sometimes, sleep and / or doing nothing will take precedence.

You guys are so great, however, that I do plan to celebrate all of you a whole lot more in 2019, too.

Be well.

Be happy.

Be. And I will be thrilled to be with you all in the interweb, too.

Happy New Year, everyone!