Christmas Spirit

… and Audrey asked me to post again fast… here we have it:

I have a job.

I LOVE my job.

This is a GREAT day for me:

Me, my laptop playing Christmas carols, and the endless binders I sift through doing research. SWEET! But even better… see that cup? The ampersand means love. Love, and a quad Phil & Sebastian cappuccino.

But I’m really posting this because I want advice: this weekend, I’m painting my soon-to-be room. After 6 months and 2 weeks as a homeless couch-surfer, I’m reasserting my personhood and getting my own space again.

My entire house in Prince George was white. Outside, inside: it was 100% asylum, all the time. Now that the lunatic is on the loose, she’s going for some colour…

(photo from, right here)


Especially—pink ceiling: love it or hate it? I’m also considering doing the ceiling in a creamy off-white (’cause I can’t afford to replace my RED comforter.)