About US

Why to Choose Beyond Education

Interest driven

No instructor can beat the craving for study. Our job is to find the inner desire
from students so that excellence will become their habit and confidence will
inhabit in their minds and souls. Regardless of their starting lines, the wing of
interest will help them reach their individual goals.

Dual Intelligence

We stress on the balanced enrichment of both IQ and EQ. Students will not only
ace the test but also posses the outstanding leadership and communication skills.
We realize that their stay with Beyond Education is only a part of their whole
life, so we are nurturing their life-time success as well as their excellence during
their childhood.

Best Instructors

Beyond Education instructors are chosen not only because they can help
students ace the exam, but also because they genuinely care about their students
and possess the energy and charisma required to connect with them.

Interactive Feedback

Beyond Education maintains an interactive relationship with parents and
students alike.We use the feedback from students to improve our instruction
quality and the feedback from parents to perfect our school system. The feedback
will benefit students, parents, instructors and school.